Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic

It's been a busy but amazing month on the mountain since the arrival of spring. 

We may have seen our last dusting of snow which arrived on AFL Grand Final day but in our experience anything is possible up here. The pastures are greening up rapidly and the garden is looking amazing with the daffodils and rhododendrons putting on a spectacular dance of colours. 


With the arrival of spring the birds have gone into overdrive preparing nests and chasing potential suitors.  The wrens have been mesmerising to watch just outside our office window……. And the currawongs have become daily visitors,  arriving in flocks of 50 or more very vocally making themselves heard.


A few days ago we welcomed an unusual addition to our home and routine.  We came across an Eastern Barred Bandicoot that had recently died by the roadside so we checked for a pouch and wriggling around inside was a tiny hairless joey with its eyes still closed.  He was very strong and appeared uninjured so we took him in.  He has taken up residence in an old beanie kept warm under one of our jumpers as we go about our day.  Fortunately powdered kangaroo milk is readily available and he appears to be thriving on it, feeding 5 or 6 times a day.  Fingers crossed he will survive to the point we can release him back into the wild.  


What's Coming?

Our next release is ready and waiting.  We are just waiting upon labels and it will be all green lights from here. 


As a subscriber I’m giving you a first look at the tasting notes. 

With first option to purchase coming soon.


RELEASE:  “Allegory”. 51.8% ABV

CASK:  ex Apera (sherry), lightly smoked

COLOUR: Russet Muscat 1.3


NOSE:  Initially smoky, almost sweat phenols resulting from an extra heavy toasting of the cask.  As it warms, sweet nutty sherry notes push through.  Rounded and sweet, not bristly at all even at this high ABV.


PALATE: Gently smoky at first with sweet sherry and roasted hazelnut pushing through in the middle,  a gentle sweet aniseed finish with hints of white pepper. Think smoky liquorice allsorts.


This whisky has been described as being a lighter style but full of flavour.


“People who don’t think they like whisky will like this,

People who like whisky will love this, and

People who love whisky will drink this all day long”


This release is especially limited. 


Whilst we have more  Apera and Spanish sherry cask releases on the way, none will replicate this one due to its smokiness.  The smokiness wasn’t planned but possibly the result of an extra long toasting of the cask.   However the magic happened, we are very pleased it did.  


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