Folklore special release - Gold Label, eden whisky

Folklore special release - Gold Label, eden whisky

Hi Folks

As Summer approaches, the weather here has more resembled a European or North American Christmas than we were expecting.  Sitting here at my desk I can see the remnants of yesterday's snow which blanketed kunanyi and the surrounding hills.  


It's certainly great weather for drinking whisky and the best news is that our first Folklore release is available for exclusive purchase.  We have designated Folklore to our Gold Label,  Special Releases.  The Gold Folklore label will adorn small releases from rarer casks that we have managed to source from time to time. 

For the next four days you have the exclusive opportunity to secure your bottle of Eden, “Folklore” before it goes live to everyone else.  


Please follow the link for your exclusive access to our limited release “Folklore”,  where you will also find the tasting notes and other relevant information. 

This Folklore release was matured in an American Oak, ex Rum cask and offers up the rich vanilla bean and caramelised brown sugar notes you would expect.


However, with our award-winning New Make Spirit at its heart,  honeydew melon, banana, passionfruit, dark chocolate and warm pepper burst onto the palate like a surprise guest at Christmas Dinner.   You know, … like the reclusive rich aunt who shows up only every other year in a whirlwind of “Helloooo darlings”, extravagant presents, French Champagne, tales of worldwide travel and romantic conquests.


Rich, warm, sweet and spicy, order one in time for Xmas delivery (our Folklore, not our rich aunt).


Warm Regards

Dale and Claire


What's Coming?




Claire's already got the decorations up, and the presents sorted, have you? 



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