Mistakes can turn out to be amazing discoveries.

Mistakes can turn out to be amazing discoveries.

Hi Folks

As Humans we tend to do things the way we were shown, the way things have always been done around here.  Generally speaking this has served us well as a species for millennia,  why reinvent the wheel right? Proven methods and time honoured traditions are a powerful cultural framework from which we often derive our identity. 


Whisky making is no different. It is steeped in tradition, and cultural norms which brings with it a certain level of awe and reverence for the way things have always been done.

Whilst there is comfort in knowing that if I make whisky using a certain type of grain, with a certain type of yeast, in a certain type of still, using a certain process, and maturing it in certain types of barrels, chances are I’ll end up with whisky…

… of a CERTAIN type. 


Someone famously said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. 


After some initial inspiration from another distiller, I found myself pretty much left to work it out for myself.  A very daunting task to put it mildly.  This meant many hours of research and planning.  Being left to work it out ourselves can be costly but in my case it also allowed me the freedom to experiment.  Experiments always result in “failures” or rather lessons and great data. Those lessons and data if used well lead to successes. 


Sometimes no matter how hard you try to control the variables, things go pear shaped.  Some of those “mistakes” turn out to be serendipitous discoveries. 


One such occasion was a pivotal moment in the development of our New Make Spirit.  The wort I was cooling would not settle at the desired temperature. Tweaking intake taps, and exit valves the temperature dial was going up and overshooting the mark, dropping and undershooting.  I felt like the commander of the nautilus.  In the end I had to settle for a temperature other than the one I had in mind (remembering from our last diary that the temperature is crucial to the yeast and the flavours they produce).  The resulting New Make Spirit was sublime, a perfect balance of flavours, gentle and delicate. It's now my default temperature.  Serendipity!


What's Coming?


Good News,  Authors Make will be back in stock early in the new year.  It's just being allowed to rest and breath before being nurtured to its optimal ABV and available for purchase.  This release is shaping up to be every bit as good as our first release with perhaps a hint more caramelisation/toffee.


Folklore:  The new year will also see another Folklore release.  This one is a cracker.  Ex-Muscat Cask matured.  It's rich, raisiny and seriously delicious. It’s like your grandma put her richest Christmas Pudding in a blender then matured it in an oak cask for a few years.  Sort of.  Well it's amazing anyway.


As 2022 draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.  It's been an amazing year for us.  We launched our first whiskies, won an award and made some great friends along the way. 


Wishing you a wondrous Christmas with those you love and a Hope Filled New Year.


With Love and Best Wishes


Dale, Claire and Eli




NOSE: Initially smokey, almost sweet phenols resulting from an extra heavy toasting of the cask. As it warms sweet nutty sherry notes push through. 

PALATE: Gently smoky at first with sweet sherry and roasted hazelnut pushing through in the middle as it warms.

FINISH: A gentle sweet aniseed finish with hints of white pepper. 

    FOLKLORE .018

    NOSE: Vanilla bean, mashed bananas and honey on toast, white pepper.


    PALATE: Brown sugar, vanilla bean, honey dew melon, banana passionfruit, warm peppers


    FINISH: Polished timber, dry spice, bitter dark chocolate. White pepper.

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